Top Gun (Spitfire LMG)

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Top Gun
Requirements: Get 75 kills on pilots using the Spitfire LMG.
Reward: 500-10,000 Exp (Tier 1-5) and Spitfire LMG Burn Card (Tier 2-5)
Category: Spitfire LMG

Top Gun (Spitfire LMG) is one of the many challenges in Titanfall.

This Challenge can be a little hard to do, due to the Spitfire's reversed kick pattern (High-low). That being said, it can still be very easy to kill pilots after getting used to the recoil pattern.

Tiers[edit | edit source]

There are 5 tiers. To complete the Regeneration challenge, you must reach tier 5.
Tier 1: Kill 5 pilots.
Tier 2: Kill 15 pilots.
Tier 3: Kill 30 pilots.
Tier 4: Kill 50 pilots.
Tier 5: Kill 75 pilots.