Top Gun (R-97 Compact SMG)

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Top Gun.PNG

Top Gun
Requirements: Kill 10 Pilots with the R-97 Compact SMG.
Reward: 500xp
Category: R-97 Compact SMG

Top Gun (R-97 Compact SMG) is one of the many challenges in Titanfall.

How to Get Top Gun (R-97 Compact SMG)[edit | edit source]

The R-97 is the KING at close quarters. Due to its extremely high rate of fire, it can wreck the enemy at close quarters. The R-97 was designed for close quarters and believe it or not due to the low recoil it can work a medium range too! For pilots it can still wreck just they have a bit more health so be careful when attacking them. The iron sights are passable but if you want to there is the HCOG sight you can equip. There is also the extended mags which take the clip to a MASSIVE 50 ROUNDS!!! So definitely equip that.