Top Gun (EVA-8 Shotgun)

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Top Gun.PNG

Top Gun
Requirements: Kill 10 Pilots with the EVA-8 Shotgun.
Reward: 500xp
Category: EVA-8 Shotgun

Top Gun (EVA-8 Shotgun) is one of the many challenges in Titanfall.

How to Get Top Gun (EVA-8 Shotgun)[edit | edit source]

This challenge is actually a lot easier than you think. The EVA-8 is great at close quarters but due to the somewhat low rate of fire don't get to confident. Just stick with it. Most of the time you'll need two shots to kill but sometimes you may need only one. You originally have 6 in the mag but with the extended rum mag you get 9. With the burn card you get the normal 6 rounds but it is converted to fully automatic mode. If you use the shot gun, you'll get that burn card. It will help you out A LOT.