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Titanfall 2 Reviews[edit | edit source]

This landing page will collect select reviews across the web for Titanfall 2. While the game released initially to unexpected sales, reviews have raved around this game and the quality of its design.

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Scores[edit | edit source]

The following are the review scores for Titanfall 2 across all versions.

Reviewer Score Text
Giant Bomb 100 Titanfall 2 goes for feel above all else, and it feels fantastic.
Forbes 100 Titanfall 2 is a masterpiece of game design that breathes life into the first-person shooter genre and treats its audience with respect.
GamesBeat 95 Titanfall 2 is a major surprise. I was expecting to love the multiplayer and to tolerate the campaign, but I love everything about it. Respawn isn’t just making Call of Duty with mechs. It has found its own way, and that has paid off with a special game.
GamingTrend 85 Overall, Titanfall 2 takes the great ideas of its predecessors and expands upon them to create a far superior experience. While the campaign is a little short, it’s still a lot of fun and incredibly replayable.
Gamer.nl 85 Titanfall 2 is exactly what we wanted two years ago: a full game that is very entertaining and offers the interesting addition of Titans. The singleplayer is short but sweet and the multiplayer is even better than in the excellent first Titanfall.
Stevivor 80 As ridiculous as it sounds, Titanfall 2 is more down-to-Earth than most AAA shooters. There are still big explosions and unrelenting death, but rather than focusing on those, some sincere moments between Cooper and BT rise to the surface.
Eurogamer Italy 90 Titanfall 2 is a great evolution of the previous game. The single player Campaign is short but brilliant and the multiplayer experience is smooth and intense. This time the level design is a little bit worse, but every match is still fun and entertaining.
IBTimes UK 90 Titanfall 2 boasts the best FPS campaign since Modern Warfare, and it comes bundled with an exciting, hyper-fast multiplayer that will keep you entertained for months. This is proof that Respawn is still the best shooter developer in the business. Like a Pilot zipping along a vertical surface, I can only hope the developer maintains its impressive momentum.
IGN Sweden 90 Respawn Entertainment presents a wonderful single player campaign in Titanfall 2 while they continue to evolve the multiplayer from the first game. I recommend that everyone should play Titanfall 2.
The Games Machine 87 Despite some balancing problems, Titanfall 2 is a great game, with a solid single player campaign and a lot of fun when it's time to go online.
High-Def Digest 80 Titanfall 2 has made good on its promise of a worthy single-player campaign. It is rather short, however, and this combined with the relative lack of variety and modular Titans in the multiplayer modes equals a low replay value.
The Jimquisition 95 Titanfall 2 is everything Titanfall should have been – storified, robust, and sufficiently multiplatform. The real series starts here, and I’m surprised at how nothing at all feels phoned in or tacked-on.
Multiplayer.it 90 Titanfall 2 is undoubtedly a shining example of brilliant game design. The campaign is short, but it's also perfectly paced and full of surprising moments, while the multiplayer changes make the experience way more varied when you compare it to the predecessor.
Eurogamer Poland 90 Titanfall 2 is better than the first game in almost every aspect. Campaign connects us with the world, and multiplayer is improved thanks to more varied Titans and maps. Respect for Respawn: for listening to the consumers and providing almost a perfect sequel.
Destructoid 85 There isn’t a shooter on the market that can compare with Titanfall 2 when it comes to imagination, inventiveness, and flat out spectacle.
Gameblog.fr 80 This time with Titanfall 2, we have a solo campaign, and it's a good one! With the boosted multiplayer mode, the experience is now complete and all the great FPS around now have a great competitor to fight with.