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Titanfall 2 Game Modes

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Amped Hardpoint.PNG

The following are the main game modes of Titanfall 2 multiplayer.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

  • Amped Hardpoint - Capture and hold a hardpoint to earn points. Amped Hardpoints give double points.
  • Bounty Hunt - Kill enemies to earn points. Earn more by 'banking' bonus points at designated points.
  • Pilots vs. Pilots - Kill enemy pilots. Titanfalls not permitted.
  • Capture the Flag - Steal the enemy flag and return it to your base while stopping the enemy team from taking your flag!
  • Attrition - 6v6 teams accompanied by AI soldiers fight to reach a target score within 15 minutes
  • Skirmish - Small scale conflicts.
  • Last Titan Standing - Everyone spawns as a Titan, and the last team standing is the winner.
  • Free for All - Everyone is killable, everyone will kill you.
  • Private Match - A private match between friends.
  • Coliseum – Requires entry tickets, and pits Pilot against Pilot.
  • Iron LTS - Last Titan Standing but you can no longer eject from your titan.
  • Titan Brawl - Titan on Titan action. You respawn in your titan and cannot eject.
  • CTF Nitro - Faster Capture the Flag.
  • Marked for Death - One member of each team is Marked as targets and both teams must defend their target while trying to kill the other marked target.
  • Live Fire - Kill all enemy pilots or be the last team holding flag when time elapses
  • Frontier Defense - 4 Pilots defend the Harvester against waves of AI forces.