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Collectible Helmets[edit | edit source]

The following are all the confirmed locations of the Titanfall 2 Collectibles. The collectibles in Titanfall 2 consist of "pilot helmets" spread out over 9 campaign missions. Each helmet glows blue for easy sighting. This guide is meant to answer the age old question "where are the helmets in Titanfall 2" in as much detail as possible.

The Pilot’s Gauntlet[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 1 - To the left of the exit in the Gauntlet, on a floating pillar. Jump to the second to last target's platform, then wall-run to reach it.

BT-7274[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 2 - When looking for BT's replacement battery, move towards the waypoint indicated. Just past the alien creatures, there's a crashed escape pod, with the helmet inside.
  • Helmet 3 - Once you've grabbed the third battery, head outside, and look at the broken ship part wedged into the rock to the left. Wall-run and double jump to grab the hanging helmet.

Blood and Rust[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 4 - Inside the sewer entrance, turn right and go through the round pipe tunnel. There's a helmet through the grating to the left. To get there, look for the large pipe near the ceiling with a red light on the upper left, and wall-run and jump to get onto the back part of the pipe.
  • Helmet 5 - In the area with the huge fan on the ceiling in the back of the room with a raise control panel to the left, exit BT and move up the stairs to the right of the entrance. Move up the second set of stairs on the right wall, and climb the large cylindrical vat. On top of it, there's a helmet.
  • Helmet 6 - When you exit BT, go through the large shaft with pipes and meet up with the militia forces in the next chamber. Up on the left is a catwalk that you can double-jump and wall run to for the helmet.
  • Helmet 7 - Outside of the combat area, there's a large chamber with acid on the floor. Turn left through the set of doors, and there's a helmet on a pipe in the back left corner.
  • Helmet 8 - Enter the room with the two drones. Jump up to the yellow pipes above and opposite the entrance. Wall-run across the Inlet 13 sign, then against the opposite wall, then double-jump to the high catwalk.
  • Helmet 9 - In the next room, jump onto the first inner ring to get to the upper level of the sewage drainage tract. On the upper level, wall-run then double jump over and over until you get to the run-off drain near the ceiling where this helmet is.

Into the Abyss[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 10 - In the first large open cavern, to the right along the right wall, look for a small dark alcove with this helmet. You need to exit BT to get to it.
  • Helmet 11 - Along the left wall, look for the large jagged crack. Go through the hole, and look to the jutting rock on your right for this helmet.
  • Helmet 12 - On the long tracked hallway where objects are carted around in frames, there's a ledge overlooking the interior of the cavern to the left. At the end of this hall there's a straight passage, and then to the left, a more narrow path. Go there, exit BT, use the three white pillars to reach the block pipes, get on top of the pipes, and following them around to the left for his helmet.
  • Helmet 13 - In the room with the robot arms, exit BT on the landing pag. To the right, look down into the abyss for a huge black pipe. Jump down, wall run on the pipe, double jump, and wall run on the landing pad pillars to get to a helmet.
  • Helmet 14 - After you leave BT, look to the right before you cross the pipe bridge. On a jagged rock across from you is this helmet. Use the large vertical pipe to wall run to get it.
  • Helmet 15 - In the area with the large pallets and grass planted on the slate, ride the platform. Look to your left for an area with a ton of catwalks. Run up the path to the right, continue up this path, following along the concrete wall to a loading area with large blue containers. Turn to see the pipes were this helmet is, and wall-run to get it.
  • Helmet 16 - Keep riding this platform, which will connect to the rest of this structure. Climb up, and then out, and jump to the diagonal structure mounted to the wall. Reach the catwalk and run across the rock wall to get to the helmet.
  • Helmet 17 - Leave the dome. You'll enter a huge chamber with three black cylinders. Use the time switch to show the platforms, and climb them to get this helmet.
  • Helmet 18 - Use the moving walls to cross the gaping chasm, return to BT, and look right to find the helmet on a rock on the chasm ledge.

Effect and Cause[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 19 - At the start of this section, connect with BT. Look down the ledge, and near the 02 sign there is a helmet. Drop down and jump/run to get it.
  • Helmet 20 - Go further down this street, and on a street light outside the doors of the Reactor Facility is the next helmet.
  • Helmet 21 - Inside the facility, after you get the objective to search the complex, enter the last elevator on the right in the lobby in the past. Enter the present. Double jump up the shaft, switch to the past, then switch again and look up. Wall run and jump up the shaft to get the helmet.
  • Helmet 27 - In the past, in the hall with the glass floor, switch to the present and wall run across the burning area to get it.
  • Helmet 23 - In the underground area with all of the turrets, pass this section and look to the ceiling for a circular container. Jump onto it, and switch to the past.
  • Helmet 24 - At the large cryogenic storage chamber, the helmet can be seen in the present. Keep switching between the past and present while jumping to get over the platforms.
  • Helmet 25 - At the back of this same chamber, near the exit, change time periods to move the hanging wall. Go Swap to the past and present while jumping like before. Halfway across this facility is the helmet.
  • Helmet 26 - After crossing the wall run platforms, you'll get to a glass wall. Switch to the present to grab the helmet as you cross the glass area.

The Beacon[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 27 - At the substation with two spinning cylinders, dash across the space to get the helmet.
  • Helmet 28 - When you get the Arc Tool, use it on the second silo. Leap up high and look a the concrete beams for the helmet. Use an anti-grav thruster at the bottom of the silo.
  • Helmet 29 - Leave the substation, climb up the platform under the giant satellite, then look under the pillar for the helmet.
  • Helmet 30 - From the previous platform, look at the towers outside the facility center. One of the white towers has a connected black cylinder - double jump onto it and get on the white tower roof for this helmet.
  • Helmet 31 - Step into BTs hand and let him throw you at the tower. Enter the interior and use the Arc Tool and the green door control to get inside a locked room. In this room on the first floor is the collectible.
  • Helmet 32 - Use the crane to move the panel at the elevator structure. Run across this path to get to another door where you can use the Arc Tool to get inside. Go upstairs, turn left, and look at the roof of the next building for the helmet.
  • Helmet 33 - Before getting to the dish, use the crane to get to the construction area. The helmet here is on the tallest rooftop of the large platform area.
  • Helmet 34 - Enter the 04 building, then go through the right door. Wall run to the scaffolding to reach the area above that hallway where you'll find another helmet.
  • Helmet 35 - Outside the 04 building, when you reach the exterior area with a large construction sign, climb under and across the office, and then jump to the edge with two supporting angled beams. At the corner of this ledge is the helmet.
  • Helmet 36 - Once you return to BT, he'll throw you up onto the satellite catwalks. Go up and to the opposite walkway to find the helmet on the catwalk stairs.
  • Helmet 37 - Climb the satellite's interior, and check the white supports beneath the dish. Circle around the dish supports to get this helmet.

Trial by Fire[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 38 - When you enter the base after Briggs contacts you, look to the left. There's a high platform on the left with two spinning turbines. Exit BT and wall run up this platform, then go between those two turbines for this helmet.
  • Helmet 39 - Follow the straight path towards the lift and look to the ground for a large yellow tube. Follow this into the maintenance shaft between the two containers, then crawl through and go up one level to find the helmet.
  • Helmet 40 - Ride the lift up, then exit. You should see a ship in the distance. As the road bends left, look to the right - there's a pair of white spheres on the right. On the pipe hanging out of the back right sphere is a helmet.

The Ark[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 41 - Jump on the hanger bay, and look for the blue light of the helmet. Once you enter the enemy ship you need to fight to the diagonal window in the back right of this room. Wall jump from the small open spot to get this helmet.
  • Helmet 42 - Meet up with the militia troops. Wait for the Titan dropship to fly in near the catwalks, and jump back to the loading area. Look behind the red Titan before the door closes for the last helmet.
  • Helmet 43 - Cross the large hangar and reach the area where the flyers are. Run to the far back wall and climb on the catwalks connected to the fly one spot above the bottom level for the last helmet.

The Fold Weapon[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 44 - In the area with a ton of turrets, fight to the roof of the A30 building where there's a tall unit with a bunch of black wires plugged into the left side. Get on top of this unit of wires to ge this helmet.
  • Helmet 45 - When you're at the B4 cannon bunker, enter the first interior and look at the high pipe against the back wall. Wall run over the level to the left and use the containers with additional wall runs and jumps to get to this helmet.
  • Helmet 46 - In the room with the glowing spheres, stick to the right hand wall and exit BT at the "R5" label near the closed off office. Above this space, there's a ton of black wires. Climb them to reach the upper right wall, and the last helmet of the game.