The Fold Weapon (Mission)

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The Fold Weapon (Mission)
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Moving through unfriendly territory.

The Fold Weapon (Mission) is a mission in Titanfall 2.

The Fold Weapon[edit | edit source]

Once you come to, you'll see Blisk, and BT being destroyed. Grab the kit and a Smart Pistol and Knife. Hack the machine, and run towards the zone filled with drones. Take down everyone here, and keep running. Call a titan into the drop zone, and get contact from Sarah Briggs. She'll deploy a Vanguard Titan for you. Embark, and then get the new loadout - Legion.

Use the Titan to fight. Use the Smart Core when frenzied. Scorch, Northstar, and Ronin Titans will enter into combat with you. Once you're inside the facility, stop the Fold Weapon from launching. You'll run into a boss fight against Slone. Wait for her to use her laser core, and then move in quickly to deal massive damage.

Once you defeat Slone, remove the Arc from the launch sequence. There will be an explosion. Watch the cutscene, and run towards the evac point.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 44 - In the area with a ton of turrets, fight to the roof of the A30 building where there's a tall unit with a bunch of black wires plugged into the left side. Get on top of this unit of wires to ge this helmet.
  • Helmet 45 - When you're at the B4 cannon bunker, enter the first interior and look at the high pipe against the back wall. Wall run over the level to the left and use the containers with additional wall runs and jumps to get to this helmet.
  • Helmet 46 - In the room with the glowing spheres, stick to the right hand wall and exit BT at the "R5" label near the closed off office. Above this space, there's a ton of black wires. Climb them to reach the upper right wall, and the last helmet of the game.

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