The Beacon (Mission)

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The Beacon (Mission)
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Moving through unfriendly territory.

The Beacon (Mission) is a mission in Titanfall 2.

The Beacon[edit | edit source]

We lost time travel shifting, but we need to finish Operation 217. Grab the loadout and destroy the three threats. Enter the substation and jump on the walls while keeping fire against the drones and Spectres.

Retrieve the arc tool from the Marvin, and use it to disable the turbine. Wal run and get back to the top. Use the tool to start the turbine, and deal with the scouts that come to you.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 27 - At the substation with two spinning cylinders, dash across the space to get the helmet.
  • Helmet 28 - When you get the Arc Tool, use it on the second silo. Leap up high and look a the concrete beams for the helmet. Use an anti-grav thruster at the bottom of the silo.
  • Helmet 29 - Leave the substation, climb up the platform under the giant satellite, then look under the pillar for the helmet.
  • Helmet 30 - From the previous platform, look at the towers outside the facility center. One of the white towers has a connected black cylinder - double jump onto it and get on the white tower roof for this helmet.
  • Helmet 31 - Step into BTs hand and let him throw you at the tower. Enter the interior and use the Arc Tool and the green door control to get inside a locked room. In this room on the first floor is the collectible.
  • Helmet 32 - Use the crane to move the panel at the elevator structure. Run across this path to get to another door where you can use the Arc Tool to get inside. Go upstairs, turn left, and look at the roof of the next building for the helmet.
  • Helmet 33 - Before getting to the dish, use the crane to get to the construction area. The helmet here is on the tallest rooftop of the large platform area.
  • Helmet 34 - Enter the 04 building, then go through the right door. Wall run to the scaffolding to reach the area above that hallway where you'll find another helmet.
  • Helmet 35 - Outside the 04 building, when you reach the exterior area with a large construction sign, climb under and across the office, and then jump to the edge with two supporting angled beams. At the corner of this ledge is the helmet.
  • Helmet 36 - Once you return to BT, he'll throw you up onto the satellite catwalks. Go up and to the opposite walkway to find the helmet on the catwalk stairs.
  • Helmet 37 - Climb the satellite's interior, and check the white supports beneath the dish. Circle around the dish supports to get this helmet.

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