The Ark (Mission)

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The Ark (Mission)
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Moving through unfriendly territory.

The Ark (Mission) is a mission in Titanfall 2.

The Ark[edit | edit source]

The Draconis is heading to the Fold Weapon with the Ark on board, so you need to rush to take the Draconis and secure the Ark. After a brief flight section and the introduction of the Braxton and the 6-4, Sarah will command you and all Militia units to destroy an IMC fighter squadron. (Note: The Militia dropships are fully capable of handling the ships themselves). Once the fighters are destroyed, the transport IMS Thermopylae will pass by and obscure the Militia dropships briefly (along with some hectic chatter). Once you pass the transport you will see Viper finishing off several friendly dropships, before he destroys your Widow.

You will briefly free fall before Barker saves you and BT. Once you land safely on Barker's ship you will be given a Double Take to replace your Archer and Sarah will ask you to board the Malta and secure the deck. After a request from the 6-4, BT throws you to their dropship and you use the opportunity to board the Malta at the stern. Here you will encounter the first group of IMC units you will have to engage. Use cloak and move past the initial group and activate the two sets of Stalkers by the elevator. If you're skillful and fast this will make the entire room trivial. If you cannot reach the Stalkers you will have to fight the IMC in a more conventional manner, then contend with a small squad of reinforcements. The 6-4 will provide situational reports and covering fire, which may prove useful. You may also bypass the engagement entirely by rushing to the elevator, but this is risky.

The security unit and reinforcements terminated, the stern is now clear. Head up the elevator and watch the MCS Braxton get destroyed. Each of the Malta's guns are placed on small platforms that leave the artillery pieces themselves exposed in the open. These platforms are connected by flat surfaces you can wall run on and use to get the initial advantage over the enemy troops, but the actual combat portions you have to fight in are fairly enclosed. With that in mind it is best to pick a CQC orientated weapon, a Volt or Mastiff being obvious choices. There are multiple unactivated Stalker racks you can prevent from being used if you're quick, or possibly use yourself to turn the tide of an otherwise risky fight. The 6-4 will continue to provide covering fire as you clear each of the guns.

With the guns destroyed head to the marker and watch the 6-4 come aboard. After the dialogue finishes, wallrun across the flat walls of the Malta and onto Sarah's Widow. This will put you and the rest of the 6-4 in the Malta's hanger, behind a small platoon of IMC infantry. The soldiers are clustered together and unaware of your position which makes using an ordinance here the most effective option. Once the initial platoon is clear the rest of the Malta's security detail will deploy to the hanger. The 6-4 will be here in person to assist, though aside from Gates they aren't much help and mostly just draw fire away from yourself. Get creative with the open terrain, parkour opportunities and various weapons at your disposal (Along with the presence of friendly soldiers) to beat this section, using the skills you applied previously will greatly help here.

Once the hanger is clear head up the stairwell to the bridge window.The 6-4 will breach the window, so assist them in clearing the bridge and head to the controls and disable the AA guns. This will take a second before it gives you control of the Malta, and then you'll have to steer it behind the Draconis. Your friends will provide constructive criticism during this endeavor if you need it. Barker will bring BT over and he will jump onto the Malta and punch his way into the bridge. Now you'll have to fight Viper, the flying Titan from the start of the mission.

Viper is a Northstar (A long ranged sniper) accompanied by two Scorch (Short range area denial) Titans. These two classes provide support for each other and as such you will have to deal with the Scorches before Viper can even bee considered a relevant threat. Before the two Scorches jump, damage one with at least one of Ion's Laser Shots before falling back. Focus fire on a single Scorch (Though try to avoid tunnel vision) to make each of them individually trivial. BT's Ion loadout is exceptionally helpful here, as it comes with a Vortex Shield and hitscan Laser Shot that can mitigate Viper's primary advantages: Speed and accuracy. Tripwires provide a way to deter the Scorches if you do not deal with them at the offset of the fight and Splitter Rifle can be used to keep Viper's shield down between Laser Shot charges. Batteries are scattered across the Malta's deck if you find yourself low on health. The 6-4 will, again, attempt to cover you but will likely fail in this endeavor as they're using small arms against Titans.

Viper is taken care of, for now. Once you climb into BT's hand Viper will tackle BT with his flying abilities and carry the two of you onto the Draconis. BT will successfully disable Viper at the cost of his right arm, leaving Viper exposed without his hatch. Kill Viper with a well-placed Firestar or gunfire and his Titan will fire rockets that will damage the Draconis.

The next portion of the level is purely narrative, follow BT's instructions and you should do fine.

The level ends with you and BT being captured by Blisk and a small unit of IMC forces.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 41 - Jump on the hanger bay, and look for the blue light of the helmet. Once you enter the enemy ship you need to fight to the diagonal window in the back right of this room. Wall jump from the small open spot to get this helmet.
  • Helmet 42 - Meet up with the militia troops. Wait for the Titan dropship to fly in near the catwalks, and jump back to the loading area. Look behind the red Titan before the door closes for the last helmet.
  • Helmet 43 - Cross the large hangar and reach the area where the flyers are. Run to the far back wall and climb on the catwalks connected to the fly one spot above the bottom level for the last helmet.

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