The 6-4

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The 6-4

Elite pilot unit.

The 6-4 is a faction in Titanfall 2.

The 6-4[edit | edit source]

Gates is a section commander of the 6-4, a freelance unit of elite Pilots. The 6-4 has a unique code of honor; they won't always work for the highest bidder. They want to protect the freedom of the frontier - but on their own terms.

Four members of 6-4 meet the Player in campaign. You meet them in the mission "The Ark". Gates is the section commander of 6-4. Davis, Bear, and Droz are also members. They are voiced by Courtenay Taylor (Gates), Chris Alex Jai (Bear), Yuri Lowenthal (Davis), Matthew Wolf (Droz). an unnamed Crow Capitan that is voiced by Matt Lowe.

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