Smart Pistol (Boost)

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Smart Pistol (Boost)

Replaces your secondary when being used. Ammo reduced to 2x12. Directional locking, instakill in most cases.

Smart Pistol (Boost) is a boost in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This weapon is seen in the Campaign and Multiplayer. In the end of the Camp. Jack Cooper uses this pistol in the last mission after BT has been so said killed. This results in Jack getting the SERE kit, giving him a DATAKNIFE which is used in every part of TItanfall 2, Multiplayer and Campaign.

The Smart Pistol is a head hunting machine, that never misses. It costs 60% of your Titan Perentage to deploy in Multiplayer, while in Campaign you have Unlimited ammunition, meaning you/Jack Cooper can run along, and shoot. This weapon is also referenced inside of the Titan known as Legion's Ability, Smart Core.

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