Sidewinder SMR

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Primary Weapon
Sidewinder smr.PNG
Sidewinder SMR
Rapidly fires micro-missiles.
Damage 53
Accuracy 39
Range 68
Fire Rate 48

Magazine Capacity


Unlock Level


Sidewinder SMR is a Pilot Primary Weapon in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Rapidly fires micro-missiles. Fast and efficient, capable of taking down pilots with ease and annoy titans, it is a decent weapon in the hands of a beginner and an expert alike.

Leading your missles is critical, as this weapon fires salvos of slow-moving missles. Using this weapon in CQ is quite difficult, as it has a splash radius capable of killing the user and the enemy at the same time.

A decent weapon to use in all situations, well balanced and powerful, capable of taking down pilots and titans.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

-If you want to practice with this weapon a helpful tip is to keep in mind that it feels very similar to an SMG with fewer bullets and a high fire rate.

-Aim for the titan's weak spots in order to maximize the damage output of your weapon.

-Don't get cocky. This weapon is slow, deadly and, most importantly, outclassed by all ballistic and energy weapons, in terms of fire rate. Patience and a good plan will give you the advantage in all situations.

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