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Points are scored during matches in Titanfall in many various ways. When the more difficult feats of combat are performed, they will award more points than the simpler or easier methods. This means not all kills are scored equally. Scores are there for more than just a measure of show or competition, they are also used in game modes as an objective to win matches. Alternatively, some objectives will award you with points upon completion.

Point Sheet

Award Value Description
Airborne kill 50 Airborne enemy killed.
Kill 100 Killed an enemy pilot.
Doomed Titan 200 Doomed an enemy Titan.
Double Kill 50 Killed two enemies within a short time frame.
Execution 50 Performed an Execution on an enemy pilot.
Kill (AI) 10 Killed an enemy AI soldier.
Killing Spree 50 Killed at least 3 enemies consecutively without dying.
Jump Kick Kill 100 Killed an enemy with a jump kick.
Triple kill 75 Killed 3 enemies within a short time frame.
Showstopper 100 Killed an enemy on a spree.
Titan Assist 100 Assisted in dooming a Titan.
Kill Assist 50 Assisted in killing a pilot.
Dominating 50 Killed a single enemy player three times without dying.
Headshot 25 Killed an enemy with a headshot.
Killed Rodeo Pilot 150 Killed an enemy pilot during his rodeo.
Hardpoint Perimeter Defense 25 Awarded for defending Hardpoints from enemies.
Hardpoint Hold 25 Awarded for holding Hardpoints for a set amount of time.
Rampage 100 Killed 10 pilots without dying.
Crushed Pilot 50 Crushed a pilot under your Titan.
Hardpoint Siege 10 awarded for killing enemies near hostile hardpoints.
Hardpoint Capture Assist 100 awarded for assisting in the capture of a hostile hardpoint.
Hardpoint Capture 250 awarded for assisting in the capture of a hostile hardpoint.