Rifleman Pilot Loadout

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Primary Weapon

R-101C Carbine.png
R-101C Carbine
Full-auto assault weapon.

Anti-Titan Weapon

Archer Heavy Rocket.png
Archer Heavy Rocket
Fires a powerful homing rocket.


Hammond P2011.png
Hammond P2011
Precision semi-auto pistol.

Tactical Ability

Most effective against Titans.


Frag Grenade
Explosive anti-personnel weapon.


Explosives Pack
Carry extra Pilot Ordnance.
Dome-Shield Battery
Titanfall Dome-Shield lasts longer.

The Rifleman is the basic middle-ground class in Titanfall for Pilots.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

You are a grunt class, jack of all trades. Be aware of your surroundings, and make sure you lay down suppressive fire when needed to support your team.