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Master of flight and precision.

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Northstar is one of six new Titans in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Northstar is a Titan based on the Stryder chassis, being a master of both flight and precision kills, it seeks to pick off enemy titans from afar with a chargeable sniper railgun, making it a deadly chassis.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Description
Cluster Missile.png Cluster Missile Ordnance Creates sustained explosions on impact.
VTOL Hover.png VTOL Hover Tactical Vertical take-off hover.
Tether Trap.png Tether Trap Defensive Mines that lockdown nearby enemy titans.
Flight Core.png Flight Core Core Northstar hovers in the air, unleashing rockets at targets below.

Tips and Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Remember that the Northstar is a sniper. While it can dish out a lot of damage, it relies on critical hits, long range, and staying away from enemy fire.
  • Tether traps can be useful to aid in retreating from close-range Titans.
  • Make sure to have a buddy system with another, preferably stronger, chassis. If you are the only Titan on the field, you will be open game for the nimble pilots.
  • Charge your plasma railgun up to full capacity while behind cover before peeking round a corner firing hopefully scoring a critical hit then going back round the corner and repeating.
  • Your plasma railgun can do a full bar of hp's worth of damage if it is fully charged and you get a critical!
  • Northstar is very weak, so never come within a 100 metres of another titan as at this range every other titan does next to no damage while your damage is unaffected.
  • Use your flight to your advantage to get shots on people across the map.
  • Killing a pilot won't require the railgun to be charged at all.
  • If you are being chased by another Ttan especially a Ronin, then run away and leave a tether behind you, this will slow down the enemy massively.
  • The best way to use the tether trap is in a corridor so the enemy Titan cannot just go around.
  • Remember you can probably do more damage from far away than up close so stay far away, you'll live longer.
  • When in doomed state, if you come across a Titan still waiting for his/her pilot, move a tether trap next to the titan and start the nuclear ejection as the Titan stands up: it will get caught on the tether and die.
  • Remember: you can fly, so if a Scorch activates Flame Core: hover right over it and stay undamaged, also for Ronin's arc wave.

Northstar Prime[edit | edit source]

On March 30, 2017, in the colony reborn update, the prime titan for Northstar will be released. It has a flatter body area, and has a new execution. The Northstar jumps onto the doomed titan and, with effort, pulls off its arms and briefly uses its flight core on the titan before jumping on it once more and smashing it.

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