No Hitter (Satchel Charge)

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No Hitter
Requirements: Kill 1 Pilot with a Satchel Charge.
Reward: 1 xp
Category: General

No Hitter (Satchel Charge) is one of the many challenges in Titanfall.

How to Get No Hitter (Satchel Charge)[edit | edit source]

This challenge is best done with the various kill challenges, so as to stack effort to multiple challenge rewards.

Note that pilot kills are all that will be counted.

Other than using satchels like a frag, tossing it into a crowd, a less obvious way is to mount a piloted titan and wait for the sound of the cockpit opening, at which point you can aim up as high as you can, throw your satchel and detonate it immediately. Be careful not to throw it on the titan itself which will likely only kill you.

Another way is to lay satchels around you in a room or enclosed space and equip the perk which detonates explosives when you die. Fire an unsilenced gun randomly and when enemy pilots come to investigate and kill you...boom!