MARVN Automated Assistants

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MARVN Automated Assistants, or Marvins, are humanoid robots built by Hammond Robotics to serve as an automated and easily replaceable workforce. Spectres are a weaponized and more advanced iteration of Marvins, and Spyglass is a highly specialized model used only by the IMC. Repurposed Marvins accompany Pilots on Militia dropships, while Spyglass units can be seen on IMC dropships.

In Titanfall, Marvins are unarmed NPCs found on certain maps, including Airbase, Boneyard, and Demeter. They ignore any and all Pilots, Grunts and Spectres they come across as they perform their assigned duties. Pilots and Titans can easily kill Marvins, but cannot hack them or gain experience from them (apart from accumulating Marvin kills to complete the Innocent Bystander challenge). Marvins possess a screen integrated into their torsos which displays a smiley face; when a Marvin is attacked, the smiley face is replaced with a frowning one, but no other changes occur.