Kraber-AP Sniper

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Primary Weapon
Kraber-AP Sniper
Scoped heavy rifle.
Damage 100
Accuracy 60
Range 100
Fire Rate 15

Magazine Capacity


Unlock Level


Kraber-AP Sniper is a Pilot Primary Weapon in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Scoped heavy rifle. Kraber-Armor Penetration (AP) is one of the three sniper rifles in Titanfall 2 in both single player and multiplayer. It is the only sniper rifle that allows you to eliminate enemy pilots, grunts, or spectres in only one single shot.

Fact: if you watch the credits at the end of the campaign, you would notice a person with a name "Kraber". He is known to be a bad person and eats fried babies for dinner.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Use Stim tactical ability to run away or to increase your mobility if encounter enemies at close range.

The Kraber fires a one-shot projectile, so make sure to lead your shot

Never use Holo Pilot tactical ability, most anyone can spot the difference between you and the fake

Not recommend to use Phase shift tactical ability unless you like "hit and run" tactic, Phase shift would make you to lose track of your target after a few seconds in the "other dimension"

Cloak tactical ability is perfect for those who like to be an actual sniper, this ability allows you to change positions regularly without being detected, though it is harder to snipe from a distance because of bullet travel time and fall off.

Grapple is great if you prefer to slingshot above your enemies, cross the map quickly or get to otherwise out of reach sniping points.

Bring with you a pistol in case of close range combat such the Hammond P2016 semi-automatic pistol.

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