Into the Abyss (Mission)

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Into the Abyss (Mission)
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Moving through unfriendly territory.

Into the Abyss (Mission) is a mission in Titanfall 2.

Into the Abyss[edit | edit source]

Now that you have the helmet, BT will take you to another cave where there's a factory implanted underground. Here, you'll find the Scorch layout, adding it to your collection alongside the previously collected Tone loadout. Destroy the grunts, and move deeper into the cave. You'll eventually come to Loading Dock 13, where two Titans will engage you. The Thermal Shield is incredibly useful here, and will negate much of their threat. There are some batteries here that are wortwhile if you need them.

Once Loading Dock 13 is cleared out, you'll find the Brute loadout. Activate the cargo lift, and follow BT as he is taken up. BT will guide you using the radio through this facility. Take down the IMC guards, and get to BT before Ash deals too much damage. Make your way down the pipeline, and towards the sub-station where BT is. Use the moving platforms to cross the path. Keep taking these platforms through this area while shooting down the newly emergent IMC guards, clearing off each floor before progressing.

Move to the top of this final platform, the "Urban Assembly" section. Ash will say "I see you Pilot". Head up towards the Simulation Dome, and climb the pipes and containers to the top of the dome.

At the top of the dome, Ash sends down some Titans and guards to fight you. Use the buildings as cover. The first wave is fine, as it's just Spectres, but the second wave has a mini-titan that will require some extra movements. Take down the other Reaper when it drops. Ash will then send some exploding ticks, and then deploy Lieutenant Darno, her right hand, to the dome to fight. Clear the guards, and then fight towards BT.

Once you're in the new area, hit the green button to rotate the towers. Ash orders a self destruct, so find BT and embark immediately. You will then have to face Ash. Her Titan can teleport, so use the Brute to deal massive damage by destroying her batteries with heavy fire. Collect your own batteries often to stay up and mobile. Once your Flight Core is ready, use it and shoot her down. When you defeat her, you need to exit the facility quickly to move on.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 10 - In the first large open cavern, to the right along the right wall, look for a small dark alcove with this helmet. You need to exit BT to get to it.
  • Helmet 11 - Along the left wall, look for the large jagged crack. Go through the hole, and look to the jutting rock on your right for this helmet.
  • Helmet 12 - On the long tracked hallway where objects are carted around in frames, there's a ledge overlooking the interior of the cavern to the left. At the end of this hall there's a straight passage, and then to the left, a more narrow path. Go there, exit BT, use the three white pillars to reach the block pipes, get on top of the pipes, and following them around to the left for his helmet.
  • Helmet 13 - In the room with the robot arms, exit BT on the landing pag. To the right, look down into the abyss for a huge black pipe. Jump down, wall run on the pipe, double jump, and wall run on the landing pad pillars to get to a helmet.
  • Helmet 14 - After you leave BT, look to the right before you cross the pipe bridge. On a jagged rock across from you is this helmet. Use the large vertical pipe to wall run to get it.
  • Helmet 15 - In the area with the large pallets and grass planted on the slate, ride the platform. Look to your left for an area with a ton of catwalks. Run up the path to the right, continue up this path, following along the concrete wall to a loading area with large blue containers. Turn to see the pipes were this helmet is, and wall-run to get it.
  • Helmet 16 - Keep riding this platform, which will connect to the rest of this structure. Climb up, and then out, and jump to the diagonal structure mounted to the wall. Reach the catwalk and run across the rock wall to get to the helmet.
  • Helmet 17 - Leave the dome. You'll enter a huge chamber with three black cylinders. Use the time switch to show the platforms, and climb them to get this helmet.
  • Helmet 18 - Use the moving walls to cross the gaping chasm, return to BT, and look right to find the helmet on a rock on the chasm ledge.

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