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Pilot Tactical
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Holo Pilot
Holo Pilot

Create a holographic copy of yourself mimicking your actions when activated.

Holo Pilot is a Pilot Tactical in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Holo Pilot's tactical ability, when used, will create a holographic clone of the user and will copy what they were doing at the time (running, sliding, aiming etc). The copy will deactivate after being hit for 100 HP or after hitting a wall. The copy cannot fire at enemies and is not a physical object. The ability has two charges, being a more readily available version of the Holopilot Nova boost. Many people consider this ability to be based on the skill of the user's opponent rather than the user's. Similarly to the Cloak tactical ability, this is more effective against Titans than it is Pilots.

  • Use it to distract your enemy for vital moments, allowing you to get the few shots you need on them to kill them.
  • Use it to distract a Titan, allowing you to run away from them or rodeo them unsuspectingly.

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