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Hardpoint is a gamemode in Titanfall. A modified King of the Hill system, the fundamental point of this game mode is to capture the three points on the map, labelled A, B, and C. This gamemode is also very similar to king of the hill and domination style game modes from that of other first person shooters.

How to Win in Hardpoint[edit | edit source]

Hardpoint is a gamemode that requires a lot of attention to detail and speed. In Hardpoint, capturing points is important, but not as important as actually getting to those points. Pay attention to your minimap, and move as quickly as you can. There are basically two schools of thought you can take with this gamemode:

Capture and Defend[edit | edit source]

In this play style, you're capturing everything you can, and then hunkering down and protecting it against everything you can. The rest of the team is likely to seize points, so if you dedicate yourself to protecting a single point with a Titan or with heavy loadouts, you should be able to help the team out more than if you were just moving with the crowd.

Harassment[edit | edit source]

Another tactic you can employ is to harass the enemy. As valuable as it is to hold on to a single point, it's just as valuable to move from point to point and harass the enemy team, forcing their team away from capturing points and into defending them.

Best Loadouts for Hardpoint[edit | edit source]

Rifleman Pilot Loadout
Primary Weapon

R-101C Carbine
Full-auto assault weapon.

Anti-Titan Weapon

Archer Heavy Rocket
Fires a powerful homing rocket.


Hammond P2011
Precision semi-auto pistol.

Tactical Ability

Most effective against Titans.


Frag Grenade
Explosive anti-personnel weapon.

Kit 1

Explosives Pack
Carry extra Pilot Ordnance.

Kit 2

Dome-Shield Battery
Titanfall Dome-Shield lasts longer.

The Rifleman Pilot loadout is a general purpose assault loadout, designed to present and overwhelming force on the battlefield.

Point Rewards[edit | edit source]

Certain actions in Hardpoint give certain points to the performer.

Hardpoint Actions[edit | edit source]

Capturing a Hardpoint - 250pts
Assisting in a Capture - 100pts
Neutralizing a Point - 150pts
Assisting in a Neutralization - 75

Kills[edit | edit source]

Inside an Enemy Hardpoint from Outside - 50
Inside an Enemy Hardpoint from Inside - 50
Inside an Enemy Hardpoint at Range - 50
NPC Inside an Enemy Hardpoint - 10
Outside a Hardpoint from Within - 50
Inside a Hardpoint from Inside - 50
NPC Outside a Hardpoint from Within - 10
NPC Inside a Hardpoint from Within - 10