Gooser (Mobility Kills)

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Requirements: Kill a Pilot who is ejecting 5 tmes.
Reward: 500xp
Category: Mobility Kills

Gooser (Mobility Kills) is one of the many challenges in Titanfall.

How to Get Gooser (Mobility Kills)[edit | edit source]

The two weapons which seem to have the best success with achieving ejecting pilot kills are the chaingun and the arc cannon. Below are methods on how to achieve these with each weapon.

The Chaingun

When engaging a Titan, wait until it starts to melt down, then quickly dodge backwards. Begin firing just above the Titan with a chaingun (accelerator decreases the accuracy of the chaingun so use extended magazine for better odds of getting the kill), and as soon as the enemy Pilot ejects, you should get an air-borne kill.

For those pilots with auto-eject, watch for the jetpack lights, it usually gives away their location in the air.

For those pilots with nuclear ejection, when their titan is going nuke, it takes about second until the pilot ejects. Back up away from the titan because the nuclear explosion WILL shake your screen and lower your accuracy making it a lot harder to aim at the ejecting pilot if you're not far enough.

The Arc Cannon

With the Capacitor attachment, the Arc Cannon does not possess the ability to discharge at any time. The key is to keep the gun charged and ready to go. You can do this by tapping the trigger and letting go, doing your best to keep the charge in the middle of the bar. This can be compared to keeping the mini gun running as a Heavy in Team Fortress 2. Once you get used to the flow of the gun, you will be able to discharge a shot in a second or less, which will be key to getting ejecting pilot kills.

The tricky part of all this is the range that you will need to be in to position yourself for these kills. The Arc Cannon's range can be described as average to poor. The only way to get a true feel for the range of the gun is with practice. When you see a Titan getting ready to eject, try to be at least a dash's length away and keep the Arc Cannon charged and ready to go. When you see the Pilot eject, wait for the peak of his eject and fire away. The arc cannon has excellent splash damage and there will be room for error with your shot.