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Scorch titan.png
Scorch is one of nine new Titans in Titanfall 2. Short for “Scorched Earth”, Scorch’s primary offensive and defensive weapon is fire. Blunt and direct, Scorch can chain its abilities to force enemies out of cover, or trap them to deal maximum damage. Titanfall 2 producer Drew McCoy stated in an interview with Rolling Stone: "Scorch is all about fire and thermite, so he has a thermite launcher that's like a mortar launcher and the stuff it fires just burns when it lands. You can also throw out an incendiary gas canister to spew out flammable gas. You can combo that stuff together and get some really cool results. Scorch is big, he's slow, he's lumbering, he's more of a 'let me stay away and deal my damage from afar' kinda Titan."