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  • The game will be a console exclusive for Xbox One, and will also release on the Xbox 360 and the PC.
  • Physics and AI will be handled via Microsoft's Cloud.
  • Will feature Online and Traditional Multi-player with single-player elements such as plot.
  • Gameplay will either focus on piloting the Titans or having Titans follow you as support while you fight on foot; fighting in a Titan requires strategy and reflexes, focusing on dodging and hit-and-run tactics.
  • The player characters, "Pilots", can run up walls, dodge, perform multiple jumps, etc., and take down Titans by jumping onto them and "shooting the brain".
  • Pilots come equipped with standard and experimental weapons, such as the data knife, which can hack AI characters to fight for you.
  • Maps can have real world and AI (bot) enemies.
  • The game is based on the Source engine, resulting in 60fps and fluid mechanics.
  • Aiming for "District 9 or Blade Runner* vibe; storytelling will be "more like Left 4 Dead".
  • Humans will fight in two factions; IMC and MCOR.