Effect and Cause (Mission)

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Effect and Cause (Mission)
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Moving through unfriendly territory.

Effect and Cause (Mission) is a mission in Titanfall 2.

Effect and Cause[edit | edit source]

Now that we've finally reached the rendezvous point, let's find Anderson. Enter the research facility, and try to avoid the fights as the time distortion will necessarily slow you down. Head down and meet BT. Search for Major Anderson inside the Reception building. Head upstairs to find Anderson's corpse, and BT will elevate you to take over the mission. Zipline across the complex, and inside, locate the other half of Anderson's body to get the wrist so that BT can update his data. Defeat the "zombie" Spectres inside here by simply running away through the stairs. Grab the wrist, and get the intel.

Now that you have the Time Travel/Shift device, head back into the IMC facility. Use the time shift and walk past the surface. Inside the Arc Arena, deal with the IMC security. Head inside the vent, and use the time shifts when you need to. Go inside the marked elevator after activating the Nanotechnology wing button. Use the time shift to climb.

Listen to the intelligence BT is playing. Use the time shift to get inside the closed room, then again to get past the laser. Shift back and fall down the glass floor - shift quickly to avoid the fire. IMC General Maurder will come in and mess things about. Take down the guards and ticks, then use the shift to get through the other side of the wall. Get inside the Cryo Storage area and use the shift to get more intel.

Return to BT and he will tell you all about the Arc Current. Head back to BT, and make your way inside using the shifts. Jump down, but shift fast so you don't die. Watch Anderson's final log, then head outside to BT and help him take down the aliens. Head inside and shift to extend the bridge. Run back to BT and help him defend the override.

Climb the center of the time freeze and scan the arc. Everything will go back to normal.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 19 - At the start of this section, connect with BT. Look down the ledge, and near the 02 sign there is a helmet. Drop down and jump/run to get it.
  • Helmet 20 - Go further down this street, and on a street light outside the doors of the Reactor Facility is the next helmet.
  • Helmet 21 - Inside the facility, after you get the objective to search the complex, enter the last elevator on the right in the lobby in the past. Enter the present. Double jump up the shaft, switch to the past, then switch again and look up. Wall run and jump up the shaft to get the helmet.
  • Helmet 27 - In the past, in the hall with the glass floor, switch to the present and wall run across the burning area to get it.
  • Helmet 23 - In the underground area with all of the turrets, pass this section and look to the ceiling for a circular container. Jump onto it, and switch to the past.
  • Helmet 24 - At the large cryogenic storage chamber, the helmet can be seen in the present. Keep switching between the past and present while jumping to get over the platforms.
  • Helmet 25 - At the back of this same chamber, near the exit, change time periods to move the hanging wall. Go Swap to the past and present while jumping like before. Halfway across this facility is the helmet.
  • Helmet 26 - After crossing the wall run platforms, you'll get to a glass wall. Switch to the present to grab the helmet as you cross the glass area.

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