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Primary Weapon
Single fire, direct energy propelled launcher.
Damage 83
Accuracy 100
Range 100
Fire Rate 17

Magazine Capacity


Unlock Level


EPG-1 is a Pilot Primary Weapon in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Single fire, direct energy propelled launcher.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

In untrained hands, the EPG may be considered by some to be difficult. However, it was previously the default primary weapon in the coliseum mode, meaning you had to use either the EPG or the Charge Rifle. A simple, effective strategy is to chain sliding and jumping, never staying still, to get in close and/or use splash damage. Practice leading your target, as the EPG's projectile is slow compared to general hitscan weapons, and even other grenadier weapons. Another trick in regular gamemodes is to trap an enemy with a gravity star, making shots as trivial as they are deadly.

The EPG will kill a pilot or any AI opponent short of a Reaper in a single direct hit. It will kill pilots in 2-3 hits with close splash, so if you miss, keep firing. Unlike the Softball, which must score direct hits to take down a fast-moving opponent, the EPG can slowly whittle down an opponent's health, even if they are moving too quickly to score a reliable direct hit.

An additional advantage this weapon has over SMGs or other direct-fire weapons is that, when leading opponents correctly, you can score direct hits or close splashes without actually moving out of cover. This allows you to potentially bait less projectile weapon-savvy opponents into making moves that put you in the best position.

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