EM-4 Cold War

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Primary Weapon
Em4 cold war.PNG
EM-4 Cold War
4-round burst Grenadier weapon.
Damage 75
Accuracy 25
Range 55
Fire Rate 44

Magazine Capacity


Unlock Level


EM-4 Cold War is a Pilot Primary Weapon in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

4-round burst Grenadier weapon. While this weapon is somewhat effective in Pilot to Titan engagements (or at least as effective as such a weapon can be), it is highly useful for continuing fire to tamp down the enemy. Laying down heavy four round fire can clear an area just as much as make it hard to pass for the enemy.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Because of its wide spread and large impact radius, it is generally not in your favor to aim down its sights. The best way to utilise such a high splash damage weapon is to use wallrunning to stay above your enemy, laying down massive clusters on the environment your target is on, rather than trying to land direct hits (as you would usually miss with such wide weapon spread and unpredictable projectiles, especially when playing boots-on-the-ground). As there is a small charge time and the projectiles are relatively slow, be sure to lead your projectiles if the target is moving fast enough to escape the charge time and Area of Effect of the weapon.

Against titans, its usually best to try to doom (or kill if they're doomed already) low health titans, but trying to apply damage to your target titan should not be done if it is hindering your ability to get away from it. Don't use it like an anti-titan weapon as the Cold War is far from being one. You should be focusing on killing pilots and grunts or rodeoing titans.

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EM-4 Cold War EPG-1 R-6P Softball Sidewinder SMR

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