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Dropships are unarmed spacecraft that appear in Titanfall. They act primarily as troop transports, and are capable of making short-range FTL jumps to and from their destination to rapidly deploy or evacuate personnel. The Militia version of the dropship is called the Crow, while the IMC version is known as the Goblin; despite the differences in names, both models are virtually identical.

At the beginning of matches in all Titanfall game modes except Last Titan Standing, Pilots enter the battlefield via dropship deployment. During matches, two kinds of dropships will appear. The first variety of dropships bring in teams of Grunts; they appear randomly throughout the match at various locations. They also lack shields, and can quickly be destroyed by a single Titan for a handful of extra EXP. The second variety of dropships only appear at the conclusion of matches in certain game modes, during the Epilogue. These dropships arrive to evacuate surviving Pilots from the losing side of a match, and are equipped with heavy shields that require concentrated fire from multiple Titans to take down. If the evacuation dropships are not destroyed in time, enemy Pilots who reach them will escape and earn bonus EXP. If they are destroyed, then the enemy team's evacuation is denied and the winners gain the bonus.

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