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Loved by some and hated by even more, crash site is the wreck of the militia ship the James McAllan, named after one of the great heroes of titanfall one, shot down on the invasion of the IMC, it is where the titanfall 2 campaign starts after the training anyway. With its many walls and rocky outcroppings and its hidden tunnels and narrow lanes and also a smattering of small buildings, it is a haven for campers and G2 users *everyone rolls eyes*.

This map can be dominated by pilots if they use correct mobility or titans if they know how to fight pilots effectively. Cloak can come especially handy on this map to hide or get out of a difficult situation or pulse blade or map hack to expose the location of the campers and dreaded G2 users. 

The lush scenery is very well designed and the map itself is very well balanced between pilot and titan combat, given that the pilots stay off the ground. You can be damaged by fires in parts of the map, so be mindful where you're stepping!

The enemy spawns in either two locations, either in the ship itself or directly opposite to the ship in an open space.

While it is a nice alternative than jumping from a dropship, the spawn points are not balanced. If the enemy spawns on the other side of the ship, they have the high ground and can easily snipe opposing players.

Players spawning in the ship have limited view and can be shot almost immediately. Although it can give an advantage to certain types of players, such as the debris above one spawn can be grappled easier to slingshot over the map.

This map is ideal for Stim, Cloak and Grapple type players. A-Wall can be used inside the ship and certain corners of the map.

Overall this a map that has nice environment, but fails to balance the game initially. Map spawn rotations are more or less balanced.

Written jointly by DoomGuy and Crabbeoooooooo