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Complex is a map with many small corridors and high roofs for effective wall running and the small nature of the rooms lend themselves to scorches ability to hold areas, a broken roof allows pilots to eject and get a vantage point especially when fighting titans.

Outdoor simulation domes are excellent for both pilot and titan combat, for titans have space to strafe while pilots have a large curved wall to run on and rocky tunnels to hide in if low on health.

Small pilot sized corridors are excellent for escapes and also for choke points, an effective ronin or scorch can control all traffic coming in and out of these hallways.

It is loved by many and is based on the arc mission in the campaign, and although is much smaller, it still does justice to its blueprint mission.

Effective weapons on this map are grenadier weapons like the softball and cold war, for they effectively hold small spaces.

A neat addition is that you can stand on top of the massive doorways into the simulation domes, this is excellent for ambushes

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