Capture the Flag (Titanfall 1)

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Capture the Flag (Titanfall 1) is a gamemode in Titanfall. Capture the Flag is a classic game mode in which players protect their flag from enemy capture.

How to Win in Capture the Flag (Titanfall 1)[edit | edit source]

Capture the Flag is a mode won by speed - any boost from Burn Cards or tactical abilities will give you an edge, so take it! If you are the runner, try and stick to the shortest point, unless it crosses open space. Do your best to run through points that are convoluted or have buildings you can duck into, as this will disrupt the line of sight players have on you, prohibiting distance kills. If you're defending a runner, suppressive fire is everything! Launch as much explosive ordnance and firepower downrange as you can, which will serve to disrupt the enemy and cause havoc in their back lines.

Best Loadouts for Capture the Flag (Titanfall 1)[edit | edit source]

Assassin Pilot Loadout
Primary Weapon

Smart Pistol Mk5
Locks onto nearby targets.

Anti-Titan Weapon

Sidewinder AT-SMR
Rapidly fires micro-missles.


RE-45 Autopistol
.45 cal full-auto pistol.

Tactical Ability

Most effective against Titans.


Frag Grenade
Explosive anti-personnel weapon.

Kit 1

Power Cell
Your pilot's tactical ability recharges faster.

Kit 2

Minion Detector
Reveals all Grunts and Spectres on your minimap all the time.

The Assassin Pilot loadout is a precision oriented kit, focusing on placing rounds downrange at specific targets.

Points[edit | edit source]

Actions in Capture the Flag deliver certain points for certain actions.

Capturing a Flag - 400pts
Returning the Flag - 100pts
Killing the Flag Carrier - 100pts