Blood and Rust (Mission)

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Blood and Rust (Mission)
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Next Mission Into the Abyss

Moving through unfriendly territory.

Blood and Rust (Mission) is a mission in Titanfall 2.

Blood and Rust[edit | edit source]

Head towards the marked location where Militia members are asking for assistance. Help them on your way, and get ready for a fight - there are 6 Titans to take down in this section. Once inside the sewers as marked on the map, you'll find a new Titan Tone. Keep pushing into the control room, and defeat the guards, Titans, and drones here. BT will ask to separate so that you can open the Flow Regulation Gate. Exit and follow the marker into the control room to do so.

When the gate is opened, the room will start emptying of toxic gas. Head towards the marked location to find some surviving militia members. Take down the IMC guards here, and keep moving through the level. Eventually, you'll come across a horrible group of IMC bots known as the Stalkers. These creatures will rush you, latching on and exploding, so you want to take these out earlier rather than later.

Exit after saving the troops and take down the room of IMC scouts. You'll then be tasked with shutting down the toxic sludge in this area. After you do that, you'll be able to progress and rejoin BT. Take down the guards, ticks, and scouts as the shutdown is completed, and you'll face your first real boss - Kane, an Apex Predators affiliated Pilot with the IMC. Take down his allied Titan, and then use the pillars in this area to avoid fire. Take him down and defeat him. Grab his helmet.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 4 - Inside the sewer entrance, turn right and go through the round pipe tunnel. There's a helmet through the grating to the left. To get there, look for the large pipe near the ceiling with a red light on the upper left, and wall-run and jump to get onto the back part of the pipe.
  • Helmet 5 - In the area with the huge fan on the ceiling in the back of the room with a raise control panel to the left, exit BT and move up the stairs to the right of the entrance. Move up the second set of stairs on the right wall, and climb the large cylindrical vat. On top of it, there's a helmet.
  • Helmet 6 - When you exit BT, go through the large shaft with pipes and meet up with the militia forces in the next chamber. Up on the left is a catwalk that you can double-jump and wall run to for the helmet.
  • Helmet 7 - Outside of the combat area, there's a large chamber with acid on the floor. Turn left through the set of doors, and there's a helmet on a pipe in the back left corner.
  • Helmet 8 - Enter the room with the two drones. Jump up to the yellow pipes above and opposite the entrance. Wall-run across the Inlet 13 sign, then against the opposite wall, then double-jump to the high catwalk.
  • Helmet 9 - In the next room, jump onto the first inner ring to get tot he upper level of the sewage drainage tract. On the upper level, wall-run then double jump over and over until you get tot he run-off drain near the ceiling where this helmet is.

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