BT-7274 (Mission)

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BT-7274 (Mission)
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The death of a hero.

BT-7274 (Mission) is a mission in Titanfall 2.

BT-7274[edit | edit source]

In the preamble to this chapter, Jack is injured during the cinematic crash into IMC territory. Unfortunately, we also saw the death of Captain Lastimosa. As you wake up, you need to head to Captain Lastimosa to check on him. You'll find that he is dying, and he transfers his titan, BT-7274, to your control.

Even with your new Titan, though, the situation is grim. You are going to need a charged Titan battery. Head into enemy territory. On your way through this lush jungle, you'll encounter some easy fights with IMC guards, drones, and various wildlife. Once you get to the marked location, you'll find a cave that is quickly overrun by IMC Spectres. Defeat them, and then head inside the crashed ship. Here, you'll find the Titan battery you need. Use the vent marked by the game to exit the ship, and return back to BT. 3 IMC guards are patrolling this area, so take them down quickly, insert the battery, and get inside.

Though BT is now powered on, he is in no way combat ready. He will assist over radio comm as you search for this second battery. Inside enemy territory, BT will tell you about the Cloaking ability, which you'll have to use to fight the guards and drones in the next area. In this area, destroy the laster artillery using a grenade, and head inside the second crashed ship. Grab the battery here, and return to BT. Destroy the guards and drones, and give him the battery.

Here, BT will train you in his operations. Once this training is done and the neural link is established, an IMC Titan Brute will appear. Destroy it, and use the Vortex Shield when needed. Once he's defeated, move on to rendevouz with Major Anderson.

Operation Broadsword, 9th Militia Fleet[edit | edit source]

DESTINATION: Planet Typhon

MISSION: Infantry support for SRS classified operation

INC Occupied Frontier Space

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

  • Helmet 2 - When looking for BT's replacement battery, move towards the waypoint indicated. Just past the alien creatures, there's a crashed escape pod, with the helmet inside.
  • Helmet 3 - Once you've grabbed the third battery, head outside, and look at the broken ship part wedged into the rock to the left. Wall-run and double jump to grab the hanging helmet.

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