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Apex Predators

Ruthless mercenary group led by kuben blisk.

Apex Predators[edit | edit source]

Kuben Blisk is the leader of the Apex Predators, one of the most ruthless mercenary units on the Frontier. He will stop at nothing to get his paycheck. To him, this isn't his war; he doesn't care which side he fights for. As long as the paycheck's good, he'll get the job done.

The Apex Predators are the primary antagonists of the Campaign in Titanfall 2. After landing on Typhon, the Predators attack and kill Captain Tai Lastimosa. The Predators include: Kane, an insane criminal who uses a Scorch titan; Ash, a simulacrum who runs Vinson Dynamics and the World Foundry who uses a Ronin titan; Richter, a brutal hunter who uses a Tone titan; Viper, a pilot that uses a modified Northstar titan that can maintain constant flight; Slone, Blisk's right hand who uses an Ion titan with the ability to phase; and Kuben Blisk, the group's leader who uses a Legion titan.

After Jack Cooper kills all the Apex Predators except Blisk, Jack and BT attempt to remove the Ark, with BT becoming damaged. Blisk is then ordered by General Marder to kill Jack, but Blisk refuses, stating that it wasn't in his contract. Because Blisk believes that if Jack managed to kill all of his men, he deserves to join his team, tossing Jack a business card and leaving him to escape on his own.