Angel City (Titanfall 2)

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Angel City TF2 Map.jpg
Angel City (Titanfall 2)

A Titanfall 2 Map.

Angel City (Titanfall 2) is a map in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Angel City was originally a frontier city with martial law forced upon it by the IMC. Security checkpoints, along with massive walls, were created to divide the city into many small districts to keep resistance down and segregate the population.

The Harbor District was most heavily hit, with commerce taking a massive nosedive. Because Angel City features in Titanfall 2, it's suspected that the liberation of Angel City was unsuccessful.

The DLC has been announced to be released free as the first DLC for all Titanfall 2 players.

Original Map[edit | edit source]

The new design of Angel City has yet to be designed, but the old map looked like this:

Mp angel city (2).png

Letter to the Fans[edit | edit source]

The following letter was published on the Titanfall 2 official website concerning Angel City:

Back in June, we stated that all post-launch maps and modes for Titanfall 2 will be free for all players.* This was driven by some things we learned following the release of the original Titanfall, and our desire to build and sustain a vibrant, thriving community that can always play together. This means it’ll be easier to play with your friends, not having to worry about who has what map pack or mode because everyone will have them. So today we’d like to reveal that the first post-launch map for Titanfall 2 will be available in December. We’re also excited to reveal that it will be Angel City. Fully remastered, Angel City is a map that is near and dear to many of us here at Respawn, and has proven to be a fan favorite since players first got their hands on it in the original Titanfall. We can’t wait to see how the community uses all the exciting new Pilot and Titan gameplay mechanics we’re bringing to Titanfall 2 on Angel City.

Everybody that owns Titanfall 2 will get Angel City for free, but for those that want a three day head start can get it by pre-ordering Titanfall 2 – any edition, any retailer. In addition to early access to Angel City, fans that pre-order will also get the exclusive Nitro Scorch pack that includes a special Warpaint as well as a unique callsign.**

Today, we're also adding some cool content to the Titanfall 2 Digital Deluxe Edition by including Prime upgrades for the Ion and Scorch. These Prime upgrades modify the physical appearance of the Ion and Scorch, introduce new sound effects, and offer up some killer new executions. None of these items impact the balance of the gameplay, they’re just a chance for you to show a little more flair on the Frontier.

Following the release of Titanfall 2, we will offer more cosmetic items as DLC. These items will be available for purchase, but as always, gameplay is first here at Respawn and they will in no way impact the gameplay. We'll be revealing more details on our post-launch DLC plans, from new maps and modes as well as customization options, in the months ahead. Thanks again to our passionate community, we can’t wait to see you on the Frontier on October 28.

Drew McCoy


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