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Infocard[edit | edit source]

40mm Gun
Clip Size: 14
Starting Ammunition: 4 Magazines (56 Rounds)
Mode of Fire: Semi-Automatic
Recoil: Medium

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

The 40mm Gun uses 40mm shells, and holds 5 total clips by default. A maxed magazine can hold 56 clips; this means that the 40mm gun has a maximum ammunition capacity of 784 rounds.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Though the weapon does indeed fire in Semi-Automatic mode, the 40mm gun is often best used as a medium range precision weapon in conjunction with its typical usage as a suppression weapon. Because the shell has a relatively low area of effect, the 40mm gun can be used for precision support or suppression, which is vitally important in hectic combat situations.

Real-Life Counterpart[edit | edit source]

Fans have speculated that the 40mm gun is likely based on the Bofors 40mm Gun ([1]), one of the most popular auto-cannons of World War II.

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