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Weapons, or Guns, are tools at your disposal for the destruction of your enemies. Weapons can be organized into loadouts in game.

Titan Weapons

Primary Weapons

Name Description
40mm Cannon Titan-mounted blaster cannon that fires explosive rounds.
Quad Rocket A launcher that fires four rockets at once, or a slow moving swirl of rockets in alternative fire mode.
XO-16 Chaingun A high RPM chaingun that causes massive damage.
Plasma Railgun A railgun which fires ammunition charged by plasma.
Arc Cannon A directed-energy cannon used by Titans.
Triple Threat A grenade launcher which shoots three grenades at once.

Tactical Ability

Name Description
Vortex Shield A weapon which deflects munitions.
Electric Smoke diversion ability which deploys a dense, electrically charged smoke cloud which causes damage to enemy Titans and Pilots.
Particle Wall The Particle Wall is a one-way shield, which allows fire to pass through from one direction, while blocking it from the other.


Name Description
Rocket Salvo Standard rocket-launcher for offense Titans.
Slaved Warheads Rocket pod that requires a lock-on, before firing a cluster of homing missiles.
Cluster Missile Missile releases a number of secondary explosives on contact.
Multi-Target Missile System A system which allows you to paint multiple targets at once.

Tier 1 Kit

Name Description
Nuclear Ejection Causes a nuclear explosion shortly after ejecting from a Titan.
Regen Booster Increases the regeneration rate for the Titan bodyshield.
Fast Autoloader This kit replenishes Titan Ordnance at an increased rate.
Dash Quickcharger Your dash recharges faster.
Tactical Reactor Your Titan's Tactical Ability recharges faster.

Tier 2 Kit

Name Description
Auto-Eject Auto-Eject allows you the freedom to ignore ejection warnings, as it will automatically eject you as soon as your Titan is doomed.
Survivor Survivor allows you less lost health, and at a slower rate, before having to abandon your Titan.
Core Extender Your Titan Core ability lasts longer.
Big Punch A more powerful melee attack.
Core Accelerator Your Titan Core ability charges faster.


Pilot Weapons

Pilot female br imc.png Pilot female br mcor.png Pilot female cq imc.png
Pilot female cq mcor.png Pilot female dm imc.png Pilot female dm mcor.png
Pilot male br imc.png Pilot male br mcor.png Pilot male cq imc.png
Pilot male cq mcor.png Pilot male dm imc.png Pilot male dm mcor.png

Primary Weapons

R-101C Carbine - Fully automatic assault rifle used by Pilots.
R-97 Compact SMG - Fully automatic Submachine gun with a high fire rate.
Smart Pistol Mk5 - Semi-auto handgun with lock-on capability.
EVA-8 Shotgun - Semi-automatic shotgun.
Longbow-DMR Sniper - Semi-automatic sniper rifle with Ex Zoom Scope.
C.A.R. SMG - Submachine gun with high rate of fire and medium damage.
G2A4 Rifle - Old variant rifle, obsolete but still powerful.
Hemlok BF-R - High damage, high rate of fire assault rifle.
Krabr-AP Sniper - Long distance, high damage sniper rifle.
Spitfire LMG - long range machine gun with lethal stopping power.


B3 Wingman - 8-bullet revolver that packs a serious punch.
Hammond P2011 - A strong pistol alternative to the B3, fast and destructive.
RE-45 Autopistol - Trading off damage for rapid fire, the RE-45 is a wonderful suppression weapon.

Anti-Titan Weapons

Sidewinder AT-SMR - A rapid-fire anti-Titan rocket launcher.
Archer Heavy Rocket - Guided anti-Titan rocket launcher.
MGL - Magnetic grenade launcher.
Charge Rifle - Electrically charged arc rifle.


Data Knife - A tool for hacking bots and other tech.
Frag Grenade - A throw-able explosive.
Satchel Charge - A c4 like explosive that can be placed on any surface and detonated from afar with the push of the red.
Arc grenade - A grenade that can be thrown at enemy titans and pilots that scramble their HUD and bring down titan shields.
Arc Mine - A mine variant of the Arc Grenade.

Tactical Ability

Cloak - Temporarily grants invisibility to a Pilot, allowing for covert operations.
Stim - Temporarily boosts speed and health regen for a short time.
Active Radar Pulse - Temporarily allows vision of enemies through walls.

Tier 1 Kit

Enhanced Parkour Kit - Increases the amount of time you can wallrun and wallhang.
Explosive Pack - Increases your Pilot's ordnance capacity.
Power Cell - Accelerates recharging of your Tactical Abilities.
Quick Reload Kit - Pilot weapons reload faster.
Run N Gun Kit - Pistols and SMGs can be fired while sprinting.
Stealth Kit - You move quietly as a Pilot and your jump exhaust is harder to see.

Tier 2 Kit

Dome-Shield Battery - Extends the shielding of your Titan after Titanfall.
Minion Detector - Displays both friendly and enemy Grunts and Spectres on the minimap.
Warpfall Transmitter - Accelerates Titanfall timer, allowing for quicker deployment.
Dead Man's Trigger - Planted explosives detonate when you die.
Guardian Chip - Increases Auto-Titan accuracy.
The "Icepick" - Hack turrets and Spectres faster.