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What is Titanfall?
Titanfall is an FPS title by developer Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. Respawn Entertainment is founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were formerly president and CEO (and co-founder) of Infinity Ward respectively. Titanfall is a purely multiplayer game, with a single player story woven expertly into the multiplayer experience. Set across the war-torn Frontier, Titanfall features epic battles between the IMC and Militia forces, utilizing massive hulking beasts known as Titans to wage war from system to system.

You can purchase Titanfall now at the official site.
Titanfall 2 has been announced! Click here for the Titanfall 2 landing page!


Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation - A corporate military complex attempting to seize the rebellious frontier.
Frontier Militia - A band of criminals, freedom fighters, and citizens resisting oppression.


Current Version - Most recent changes and bugfixes to the Titanfall client.

  • Titanfall is currently on Xbox One and PC, and is slated for release on the Xbox 360.

  • Advanced physics and AI, both handled by Microsoft's Azure Cloud.

  • Features a complex online multiplayer focus.

  • Gameplay focuses on epic warfare utilizing Titans, massive weapons, and heavy turrets.

  • Massive maps host intense warfare between AI and real players.

  • Choose between several default gear loadouts or make your own!

  • Unlocks, challenges, and weapon modifications!

  • Multiple direct and indirect paths to victory for each of the beautiful, lush maps!

  • Storytelling similiar to Left 4 Dead, with a vibe "between district 9 or Blade Runner".

  • Take your side and fight in the massive war between the IMC and MCOR!

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