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Walking, talking ballistic warfare.

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The Legion is one of nine new Titans in Titanfall 2.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Legion is an ogre class Titan. Legion utilises an assortment of ballistic abilities focusing on defense and control.

This Titan was spotted in official promotional material from Respawn. At the time, whether it was a work in progress, a name placard, or something else spotted during the video, it was safe to assume at this time that Legion (along with Tone) is a new chassis. This assumption was proved correct when Respawn announced all the Titans in video form.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Description
Power shot.png Power Shot Ordnance Close Range: Knocks back nearby enemies. Long Range: Damages all enemies in its path.
Mode switch.png Mode Switch Tactical Switch between close range and long range precision rounds.
Gun shield.png Gun Shield Defensive Deploys a protective shield from the Predator Cannon.
Smart core.png Smart Core Core The Predator Cannon automatically locks onto anything in range.

Tips and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Legion is the 2nd most popular titan because of it's survivability, it has five bars of hp and a gun shield equal in damage resistance to that of a tone's shield, but it is portable. It has a high damage per second close and long range as well as an awesome aesthetic. Its smart core increases damage and locks on killing anything less than reaper in half a second and you only have to point the mini gun in the direction of the target thanks to the lock on.


High damage per second, large amount of hp, great for killing non titans and non reapers especially with smart core, survivable, good counter for Northstar or Tone.


Slow, mini gun takes a second to charge up, charged up mini gun reduces speed drastically, no dashes, gun shield auto charges gun meaning that the gun shield will slow you down until it runs out, can only fight well in one direction at a time.

How To Kill A Legion:

Get close especially if you use a Ronin, get behind them, use the huge speed loss from the shield to strafe them and wait till its core and shield runs out before attacking. Rodeo repeatedly from behind is great because they find it difficult to turn and face you in time especially if they have the shield or mini gun charged.

==Trivia== legion is slower when it's gun shield is up.

legion's OS voice is male.

Legion Prime[edit | edit source]

On March 30, 2017, in the Colony reborn update, the prime titan for Legion will be released. It has a new execution in which the legion hits the doomed titan on its left and right side of its body area, and then finishes it with a smart core power shot.

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Statistics[edit | edit source]

Health: 12500 (5 bars)

Maximal damage per shot: 100

Ammunition: 100 bullets (140 with Enhanced ammo capacity)

Power shot damage: 2000

Weak spot multiplier: x1.5

Reload time: 4 seconds

Power shot reload time: 9 seconds

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