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Burn Cards are a series of cards that are equipped for a single game (Attrition, Hardpoint, Last Titan Standing), and grant status effects. The effect goes away when you die. These cards are often given as a result of completing Challenges.

How to Use Burn Cards[edit]

Before each match, you will get the chance to select three burn cards you'd like to have with you. During the match, you can select a burn card to use before spawning, which will grant you abilities, better weapons, and everything in-between! Be careful though, Burn Cards are one time use only, so use them when they'll count!

Card Packs[edit]

Card packs are given as experience and level rewards, and contain a set range of cards as opposed to random or challenge oriented cards.

Pack 1 (Level 25)[edit]

Pack 1 grants the following Burn Cards: Adrenaline Transfusion x2, Smuggled Stimulant x2, Prosthetic Legs, Amped EVA-8, and Amped Charge Rifle. Note: Could be different.

Pack 2 (Level 30)[edit]

Pack 2 grants the following Burn Cards: Ghost Squad x1, Active Camo x2, Satellite Uplink, and Personal Alarm System.

Pack 3 (Level 40)[edit]

Pack 3 grants the following Burn Cards: Map Hack x2, Satellite Uplink x2, Amped Mag Launcher, Amped Archer, and Amped Sidewinder.

Pack 4 (Level 45)[edit]

Pack 4 grants the following Burn Cards: Echo Vision x2, Aural Implant x2, Packet Sniffer, Amped DMR, and Personal Alarm System.

Pack 5 (Level 50)[edit]

Pack 5 grants the following Burn Cards: Atlas Refurb, Reserve Ogre, Spare Stryder, and Spectre Camo x3.

Burn Cards[edit]

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When Do You Unlock Burn Cards?[edit]

Burn Cards are unlocked by completing challenges or earning levels. See the above data and the relevant Challenges page for more information.